Signed T. Millard Saxony Spinning Wheel

I plan on having at least one spinning wheel at Burlington every month. Tess is currently on ebay, but if she doesn't sell, she'll be going to Burlington, where hopefully a spinner will buy her.

ETA: Tess is sold.


Lynn M Best said…
Where is Burlington? I live in northeast Ohio.
Jennifer said…
It's the Burlington Antique Show in Burlington, KY. I'm about 45 minutes east of Cincinnati.
Lynn M Best said…
Burlington would be about 5 hours from me. I don't usually drive that far myself anymore. I'm still trying to get to the Great Lakes fiber festival in Wooster end of May, which is 1 1/2 hours away, 2 1/2 when I get lost. I would like an antique wheel at some point, but not really in a hurry. I have nine angora rabbits and am learning to shear their fiber and spin and blend it with alpaca, mohair and sheep wool. While working on a masters degree in Instructional Technology. But I will keep the Burlington antique show in mind if I get the chance to travel this year.

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