So yesterday, Dad and I traveled to the upper north tip of Ohio--Trumbull county--to pick up a loom I bought from ebay. It was a 13 hour trip...and some change. Ugh. But, however, I have a really neat loom that I now have to figure out how to carry upstairs without killing myself. (The back beam will be the hardest part, due to the fact that's it's hewn out of a tree trunk, and oak, at that. It probably weighs 150 lbs or so.)

This is a two harness rug loom. It needs a little work, but not too much at all. Some cosmetic stuff, really, more than anything. And it's green. :)

So that's my project for the week; getting it upstairs and put back together. Right now, I think both this new loom and the big loom will fit in the weaving studio just fine, which means the small floor loom will have to stay downstairs. Which is OK, really... even though I wanted them all upstairs in the "studio."

Of course, this whole thing has made me wonder if I really need... er, three floor looms and two rigid heddle looms (not to mention the inkle loom.) But I'm going to wait and see; get everything up and running, and then decide.

Once I get the weaving studio finished, I'm hoping to get to work weaving things. Some to put in my shop on Etsy, and some for Christmas presents, although we'll see about that. It's already November, after all... and I'm running out of time a bit.

I will only be at one craft show this year, on November 17th.That's actually a good thing for this year, since it will give me more time to get my crafting stuff organized.


Grey Walker said…
Wow. BIIIIIG loom.

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