It is cold again--19F this morning! It even snowed a little bit last night (enough to make everything pretty again, at least.) But Brrrrr! I'm glad I don't have anywhere to go this morning.

Chase came over last night for a few hours while Bekah and Matt went to a dinner up at church. He was very excited to be here (his first visit in a long time!) and wouldn't stop talking about the kitties. Thankfully, Gracie, who loves little kids, and Cameron, and even Chloe let him pet them and he was very good with them, too. The kittens even got pretty close to him by the end of the evening (they avoid Elsa too, so I expected that.)

Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning, mostly in the kitchen. I'm not quite done yet, but it does look much better. I'll be working in there again today.

My dryer is out--and so I've been hanging my clothes to dry, which actually works well. I'm curious to see if my electric bill will lower dramatically until I can get behind it to see if what I think is wrong is actually wrong, which might take a little while, due to the tight quarters in the laundry room. Whoever figured that room was wide enough... ooooh, I wish I could talk with them now and convince them otherwise. It would save a lot of trouble on my part!

Writing is going well; I certainly can't complain. I saw cover tests for Transformation this weekend, so it seems that one is close to publication... I can't wait. :)


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