I'm still plying, but I only have six plying cakes left, once I get the big one I'm working on now finished. (And it's not even halfway yet.) So, progress! After I'm done, there will be a big finishing-of-yarn wash, thwack, and dry, and then I get to weave with most of it. I have plans for almost all of it. In fact, since it's nice today and I'm off work, I might start finishing some of it today...

(The kittens are currently chasing each other around the house very loudly. Thankfully, there's not a lot for them to knock over.)

Otherwise, A Glint of Silver has taken off in some ways, and I've been writing a lot during lunches and breaks at work and after work in the evenings. I'm almost finished with Notebook #2!

I have been spinning a lot as well... and I did break "Buy Nothing Lent" to purchase two things for myself that I did not need. One was a small bag of shetland fiber, the other was a spindle.

This spindle, actually:

While I could have waited and probably should have waited, two things in the course of more than 40 days isn't bad, and it's not like I won't use them.

In the course of that more than 40 day fast, I got rid of a Great Wheel and a large floor loom, so it's more than even, in my opinion. :)

I took off work today and tomorrow. I'm glad I did; since A Glint of Silver took off, I'll have plenty of time to finish up this chapter and start the next one. I'll be baking bread tomorrow, for a bake sale Saturday morning, and I'll be baking bread on Saturday for Sunday and next week, but I count that as fun and not work. I also hope to work outside a bit while I'm off. It's so nice and (kind of cold) sunny outside, hopefully it will warm up.

I have a list a mile long that I want to accomplish. I won't get half of it done this spring, mostly due to time and finances. But that's OK; it's really the list that counts...

I'll leave you with a quote from one of my favorite bloggers, Ben Hewitt:

"The other truth is, if there ever comes a spring when we don’t feel this enthusiasm, don’t feel the small fire of it in our bellies and our bones, don’t recognize it for the amazing gift it is… well, hell. That’s when I’ll start to really worry."


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