We've had the entire season of winter in one week. 10" of snow, record-breaking lows, more snow tonight and tomorrow... and because of this, I didn't get a whole lot done this week other than mail auction stuff and be very happy I was off work so I didn't have to deal with the commute in such nasty weather. 

Auction-wise, I'm within $100 of my goal, which is very nice! 

Weather-wise, this is the first night in a few that I won't have to get up to babysit my boiler to make sure nothing went wrong. With the system down a key radiator, it just could not cope with low single digits and minus zero weather. I will be working towards getting something for the kitchen for next year; possibly a pellet stove. 

I did make jam-- cherry and blueberry lime. I did clean up the kitchen. I did not get into the craft room or finish the library/office... yet. I did not get as much writing done as I wanted to, and I haven't even started typing in A Glint of Silver. That will have to happen when I'm not so worried about the weather. 

I did spin. I wove a bit. I did relax. I did watch Season 1 of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. I did drink a lot of hot tea to keep warm. 

I did discover that mittens are warmer than gloves. 

I wish I had another week off, but alas. I'll have to be happy with what I did get done, and I'm definitely happy that everything survived the record cold temperatures intact... so far.  


Grey Walker said…
So glad you made it through the low temps! Do you like Miss Fisher?
Jennifer said…
Yes! I like it a lot. Definitely will keep watching!

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