Off to her new home...

My little floor loom left for her new home yesterday. It wasn't as difficult as a parting as I expected. I had waffled and waffled whether or not to post her on ebay, and in the end, I'm glad I decided to do so. The new owner seemed happy to have her, and plans to use her... which I did not.

I think this is a one floor loom household. I have all that I need with the BGL (Big Green Loom) upstairs; I can weave rugs along with shawls and towels and whatever I might want to weave on it anyway, so it's silly to have two, especially if the second one doesn't really have a place.

That's not to say I won't ever buy another floor loom, especially if the price is right. But I (honestly) would probably buy it to sell, not use, unless it's very special and I have concrete plans to use it often.

Even so, with that corner of the Green Room now empty (well, not quite empty, as the treadle sewing machine base that had been sitting in the bathroom for years is now sitting there, waiting to be cleaned off and dusted) I have plans to make the Green Room the workroom--for repairs and suchlike. It will also be the place I store auction items/stuff for Burlington/yard sale stuff (in containers, of course.)

Friday evening and yesterday, I worked in the downstairs bathroom. I decided, once and for all, to embrace the pink and green color scheme... and to make my bathroom look nicer. All clutter is gone from the bathroom, most of which either ended up in the garbage or didn't belong in there in the first place. The bathroom closet has been reorganized. Extra supplies (toothpaste, lotion, vitamins, etc.) are stored in there, and all of my cleaning supplies will also have an entire shelf in the bathroom, since I've decided to keep my towels elsewhere due to mustiness and mildew inside that closet (I've tried nearly everything, and nothing works, so out they go.) I cleaned out the medicine cabinet, which now houses only a few piece of Akro Agate and my toothpaste and toothbrush, reorganized the cabinet over the toilet, removed the treadle sewing machine base from where it had been sitting for years, replacing it with a stool/chair and the laundry hamper, cleaned off the table that sits over the litterbox, took one litterbox upstairs (so there are still two, just one on each floor), wiped down everything, and went on from there.

My bathroom now looks really nice. It's not perfect, but it's good enough, and everything that I keep or need in my bathroom now has a place. And the door can open all the way, which is a great bonus! I still have to move all the cleaning supplies into the bathroom closet, which I will do today, and then there will be a "costs money" list for later on this year. The "cost money" lists will be for each room, and will include repairs or replacements that need to be purchased. In the bathroom, the "costs money" list includes repairing the ceiling, which is starting to peel, repairing one loose tile, and painting the walls. I've decided not to replace the medicine cabinet, as it actually looks pretty good now. :)

I scoured the entire house for pink or green things to put in the bathroom, and came up with quite a few... considering pink is not at all my favorite color, I found it funny that I uncovered enough to tie things together...

See Plethora for pictures.


Grey Walker said…
Pink is not my favorite color, either. :) Good for you for embracing what you have, though. I think the pictures you took of your bathroom look great!

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