Weeds. And whistles.

I don't see weeds. I see wild. 

One of my resolutions this year was to try something new. I had recently decided that something new would be musical in nature. 

I have tried to learn various musical instruments over the years with various results. My criteria this time was a bit different than any other time before, though, because I wanted to learn (and play) something simple, inexpensive (although they can be expensive) and especially inexpensive for upkeep. 

Replacement harp strings cost over $200, for example. Even fiddle strings aren't cheap, and instrument upkeep can get pricey fast. 

I've always fiddled (haha) around with whistles and flutes. I've also always wanted to play a low D whistle, but had always hesitated because of the price. After a bit of searching, I found a reasonably priced and decently reviewed low D whistle for under $20. (Which is much better than the under $200 prices I was looking at.) this way, I can try one cheaply and upgrade if my hands are even big enough to play it. 

I also bought these. 

I find flutes much more difficult to play than whistles. But again... something I've always wanted to learn to play, at least adequately. I found these two on eBay, made from Buttonwood Sycamore (the lighter) and Witch Hazel (the darker.) 

These were my "paid off the last credit card" gift to myself. I'm looking forward to playing them, as well as my new whistle once it arrives. :)


Grey Walker said…


I'm so happy for you!

And I think you'll have a wonderful time with your new whistle, too. :)
Jennifer said…

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