Winter Preparation

Yesterday, the heating guys came and installed a wall furnace in the kitchen. It was a lot of money, but it will eliminate the issue I had with the unbalanced system last winter--since the kitchen will now have heat, I won't have that black hole of coldness in the entry room and throughout the rest of the house.

This is a good thing! And makes me feel much better about the impending winter.

The weatherpeople are calling for frost/freeze this weekend, so I'll be bringing in my plants, including the citrus, although they're not all going upstairs this year, I think. I have extra space in the library/office due to rearranging, so I'm planning to put one of them in that room. Even though it's unheated, it didn't get cold enough in there to kill my rosemary, so I assume the citrus will be OK in that room, too.

I've been off all week, and will be off until next Tuesday, so I've been busy getting stuff done around the house and relaxing, both of which are good things. :) I've also been working on Book 3 of the Abby Duncan series--which is going quite well so far.

I bought a small used freezer to replace the big freezer that died, and picked it up today. I'll be filling it up with the stuff I saved from the old freezer (it's all up at church at the moment.) It's not very big, but it will come in handy nonetheless. My fridge's freezer is jam packed with mostly blueberries and raspberries, so fitting anything in there has been quite tricky. I'm hoping with a smaller freezer, I'll not have the problem with losing stuff in the bottom, and never using stuff that I could have used. I threw out a lot from the big freezer, but most of what I tossed was years and years old.

It's my birthday today, too! And I'm 41 years old. I don't feel like I'm 41 years old. How time flies...


Unknown said…
Happy Birthday! Did you make cake or have something special for dinner?
Jennifer said…
No cake, but I did get to buy ice cream! :)

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