Christmas 2015

So another Christmas has come and gone, bringing with it lots of presents and oddly enough, warm weather.

One of those presents was a keyboard/case for my Kindle, which I'm typing on now. (And it just took me five minutes to realize that you have to hit the Function key to find the apostrophe; kind of awkward, but it's not that terrible, I guess. (Hitting the normal apostrophe key's spot is the Enter key, so if things look weird, that's why...)

But at least this one works, unlike the other keyboard I purchased and had to return a while back.

I don't think my Kindle will replace my netbook or new laptop for writing, but it would do in a pinch. As long as I didn't use so many apostrophes, or got used to the change.

(Also, I keep expecting the space below the keyboard to be a mouse.)

I've been quiet here this past year. Not because I've run out of things to say, but more because I don't feel the need to say everything in "public" anymore. This blog was once a rundown of my entire life; now it needs to be lesser in that regard, but also something else. I'm just not sure what yet.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their Christmas gifts; and since it was Harvey and Myles' first Christmas, there were a lot of gifts! I received a surprise gift of a knife handmade from a railroad spike from my sister; and also an InstantPot, which will be fun to try out. A few books I'll be reading over the next couple of weeks, some new pjs, new towels, and also a lovely antique clock (Dad repairs clocks, so I ask for one every year.)

It was a really nice, yet exhausting Christmas Day. I made mini cheesecakes (with goat cheese!) and peanut clusters with dried blueberries--I'll definitely make both again, as they turned out very well.

Now, we're coming up onto the New Year... my resolutions, or watchword this next year will definitely be a change...

Hope anyone reading this had a lovely Christmas.


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