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August 27--Chocolate Hummus?

August 26--Tomatoes

August 23--Darlin' Clementine

August 24--Rainbow Cake

August 25--cake

25 miles

August 21--Evening pages

August 20--tea set

August 19--why I will never be a minimalist; I am addicted to ephemera, and cats, of course.

August 18--dragonfly at the antique show

New Favorite

August 16--Ironweed, Apples, and a Well-worn Path

Green Room in progress...

August 17--Blue Eyes



August 14--This Is Why

August 13--Progress

August 12--Sherlock sleeps, I sketch

August 11--Sherlock sleeps

August 10--Future Weaving Studio

August 9--Birdie

August 8--Harvest

August 7

August 6

August 5

August 4

Library Addendum

August 3, Library Day