I made mushroom chili for supper tonight/lunches next week. It turned out quite well. I also made apple crisp, because, well, the weather in the evenings has been quite crisp, and I smell autumn on the breeze. Mmm, my favorite time of the year!

The bread stuck to the pan again, however I think I've figured out this new flour. If I make the dough in the bread machine, I need to take it out about 20 minutes early or else it will rise and collapse. If the bread hadn't stuck to the sides of the pan, it would have been a perfect loaf.

Saturday, while the yard sale is going on, I will be baking bread up church for the dinner that night. I'm going to grease the pans so it won't happen again. At one point, my pans were pretty nonstick (they are just aluminum bread pans, but they were working well) but they aren't anymore for whatever reason. Maybe I should roll my dough in flour before letting it rise the last time. Hmm, that's not a bad idea. Experiment, experiment, experiment.

I'm going to have some (more, a small amount, though) apple crisp for dessert with a nice cup of hot tea here in a minute.

Oh, and Scarecrows is 54,267 words at the moment. Moving right along!


Grey Walker said…
That mushroom chili sounds delicious. Unfortunately, I am the only one around here who likes mushrooms.

I like the idea of rolling the dough in flour before the final rise. You'll have to tell me if it works!

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