The weather broke, after being 90-some degrees all week long. Now I am cold (just because it was still hot last night when I went to bed so I wore shorts to bed) and it's quite pleasant. Hopefully this is Fall 2.0, and here to stay!

I am cleaning today, because Elsa is coming tomorrow (and I really need to clean anyway, so this is incentive.) I have spinning wheels to move around and quite a bit of other stuff to do, like sweeping the cat hair off the floor. And dishes. Always dishes. *sigh*

I am spinning 4 oz. of Romney in golds and browns in Gloriana right now, and hope to have that done today as well. Next weekend is shaping up to be yarn finishing weekend, since I have quite a bit of it that needs to be soaked and finished. It will be nice to have empty spindles for a little while, at least.

Two weeks from now is the Appalachian Fest. I'm not going to have a lot of stuff for it, because honestly, I need to clean more than I need to craft. But I'll get some stuff done, and bring one spinning wheel, and I will have yarn, too. We'll see if that goes. And then, I'm on vacation for a week, and then it's the last Burlington for the year, and we're supposed to be bringing two cars. So I have to gather up stuff for that as well.

Also, somewhere in there we're supposed to be putting a new roof on the kitchen/bathroom/laundry room, weather-willing.



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