New vacuum, and more.

I seem to have neglected to mention that I bought a new vacuum cleaner, too. This stemmed from having to use three different sweeping implements to sweep the cat hair off one rug the other day. I was completely fed up. 

I've had an upright vacuum cleaner since I moved here. I've never liked it, because it is really heavy and awkward. I've added a stick vacuum and a couple of others to the mix, but they weren't good on rugs. Eventually, I just used a plastic bristled broom on the worst rug to sweep. 

A few weeks ago, I decided that I needed to buy a new vacuum cleaner, because the brooms were not cutting the amount of cat hair around here. My budget was under $100. I ended up with a Bissel Zing and also bought the extra pet hair attachments. 

It is great! I am sending all of my other sweepers to the rummage sale except the non-electric one. 

I've been cleaning today. I sorted through the stuff on the shelves in the laundry room, and made enough space for the mountain of boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and those air-filled cushion things that had overwhelmed a corner of the Green Room. 

I also gathered quite a large pile of stuff; everything in front of the hutch (plus a few unpictured boxes) is headed to the rummage sale tomorrow (and already in my car.) I even sorted through four bins of notgarbage in the basement, and consolidated what I kept into 3/4ths of one bin. 

Picture this corner completely piled with boxes:

Two large garbage bags later, and I feel like I actually accomplished something today!


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