September Savings

I'm doing a September Savings Challenge this month. For the entire month of September, my goal will be to buy only essentials--groceries, gas, cat food and litter, etc.--and to not add to my little herd of looms and spinning equipment. I can wait on fiber purchases, and I certainly don't need any additional spindles. 

In October, I do plan to buy some fiber for spinning, as my stash is rather low (and it's my birthday month, so I'm allowed!) 

My only days off will be for Burlington on the 21st, and I'm giving myself a budget for the yard sales this weekend, but only if I see something I need, like a new-to-me wheelbarrow. (Mine is getting a bit rusty.)

No eBay. 
No Amazon. 
No Ravelry. (Sales posts.)
No Craigslist. 

I am also considering a Use It Up Year for 2015.  


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