I feel like I actually accomplished a lot this weekend, even though, truthfully, it was hit-or-miss. I did all the usual weekend stuff, plus plied yarn and wove a wrap and baked five loaves of challah and a coffeecake, made cream of potato/turnip soup for supper and lunches, ate too much of said challah, but how can you not? Really?

I bagged up one large bag of garbage from the side porch as well. And put two week's worth of laundry away. I sorted through sweaters and got rid of some. And I wrote a lot of stuff down. Good stuff and bad stuff, and financial stuff, and... for some reason, I feel like I've worked all weekend when, in fact, I have not. Not really.

But that's okay. I can feel accomplished, even though I didn't get a lot done. I continued a lot of stuff, however. And there was plenty of downtime, and plenty of time to think, and a turnip from the garden, all covered in snow. I planted the turnip top in a pot with the greens. We'll see if it grows.

I have hope.


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