Friday and Saturday were the last yard sales of the year, and I'm happy to report that I got rid of a lot of stuff! And my only purchases were an ankle length hooded gray wool cloak, a stainless steel tea kettle in the perfect size I've been looking for, a grater, and a individual slice (citrus) juicer for my "collection." (I have a small collection of interesting juicers.)

The weather was perfect, the crowd great, and whatever was left that couldn't go to Burlington ended up headed to the rummage sale so it didn't have to come back to my house.

And speaking of my house, with the completion of the Green Room, all that's left downstairs is the bathroom, then general clean-up/finishing up, and then I head upstairs. Which should work out perfectly with the advent of (hopefully) cooler weather and autumn, my favorite time of year.


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