Raspberries, Burlington, and Spinning Wheels

I picked a quart of raspberries today. That's Day #6, if anyone is counting!

The raspberries are loaded!

Today was the third Burlington Antique Show of the year. I bought something for Elsa, a few ceramic tiles, a pendant, a shovel, a #7 WagnerWare cast iron skillet, a pair of wooden clogs, a potato masher, two glass divided plates, and this:

Yeah, it's a Great Wheel. But it's also signed!

And it was pretty cheap. I also sold quite a bit of the new stuff I brought along with some old stuff as well, which was good. 

But then, I bid on two others at a local online auction, and won them both. They both need some help (one more than the other) but hopefully it's not anything I can't handle. 

But... three Great Wheels in one day. 

Oh my. 


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