Well, September Savings was a good idea...

Well, September Savings was a good idea (on paper, at least.) and I have been more aware of what I am purchasing. But strict budgets, along with an unexpected auction don't really go hand-in-hand. 

Saturday morning, I went to an auction with Dad, right up the road from my house. And brought home a library table, a Kitchenaid, and a copper tea kettle. 

Finding a spot for the library table was not as difficult as I anticipated. 

It is in great shape. And I have always wanted a library table; every other one I've seen has gone for way too much. 

And then, Sunday was the second-to-last Burlington. I had only spent $10 on some buttons and thought I was doing really good. There was a CPW there, with no flyer (the seller left it at home) and I really had no intention of buying it. But... when the seller lowered the price, it came home with me. (And she's supposed to mail me the flyer and the missing spoke or bring it to the next Burlington.)

It was really dirty. 

However, I actually had a flyer here and when I measured, I was pretty sure it would fit, and it did. 

So yesterday afternoon, I cleaned up the new wheel and got her spinning:

I also made bread using the Kitchenaid:

And dusted off Gloriana and Sophia as well. 

And spun on both. Which made me rework the idea of the downstairs weaving room a bit. Because I really need to use my wheels as well. So they will be staying in this room. 

All in all, I'm not disappointed about my purchases this weekend. I can always sell the new CPW (which was made by Charles Vezina, although the mark's not very clear. You can see ZINA on the mark, however, so that's her name) if I need to. Right now, however, Zina will be spinning the rather boring white wool I have pounds of, in preparation for dyeing. :)


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