Scarecrows is 20,614 words at the moment. I hit a snag a week or so ago, then ran right over it, and now it's going quite well, although... I'm not really sure how long this book will end up. Definitely not 114k, or however long Heart's Desire was. Probably not 94k, either, which is how long Fire and Water was (IIRC.)

But it's going well. That's what counts. I can always expand later.

ETA: Um, but wait! I started this on July 7th... while 20,614 words is not ideal for a little less than a month's work, it's not too bad, either, considering there have been stretches of days where I didn't write at all.

ETA #2: And at 9:53pm, Scarecrows is 21,627 words and I'm done for the night. Michael just discovered something pretty nasty. I am so mean to my characters. :)


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