Okay, after a lot of thought and considering, I think I am going to do attempt The Year of Completion next year. It's past time to cross some things off my to-do list that have been there for years and years. (Either cross them off or put them to bed permanently. If they pop up again in the future, that's fine, but it's time to deal with them.)

This will be my "When I get around to it" time. We all have everything we put off and put off, for various reasons. Maybe lack of time, maybe lack of determination or desire. Maybe lack of knowledge/know-how.

I am giving myself permission to either get around to it or decide once and for all that I am not going to get around to it, and do something about it, then, to get it off my (already full) plate and out of my overly full house.

I might move this to Plethora on January 1st, but maybe not. Either way, it will be in one place primarily.


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