So I took a look at my New Year's Resolutions for this year this morning, and oh my was I ambitious. And I've pretty much not completed at every single one. (I'm not going to link to them; you can search them out if you wish.) This year, I'm going to be a bit more ambiguous in my Resolutions for the New Year, because there are still some things I hope will happen that I have no control over--at all.

In Scotland, evidently, it's considered bad luck to leave things undone for the New Year. So they have massive cleaning/finishing parties to get everything squared away before the bells ring to usher in the new year. I really like this idea. In fact, I like this idea enough to consider it in my own life--where I drag around unfinished projects and stories year after year after year. Obviously, it will take me longer than a month to get things finished/cleaned/put away before the new year arrives, so I'm thinking about making next year an official Year of Completion.

This is rather ambitious, I realize... but bear with me for a bit.

My Year of Completion would be just that--either completing a languishing project or admitting to myself that I will never get around to it, and getting rid of the project. It would be cleaning out--the Junk Room and my former Craft Room to start with. It would be deciding what I intend to craft, and setting up space so I can craft. It would be deciding what I intend to weave, and rearranging my space so that I can weave. (Although I've been working on that, and the weaving room is coming along nicely.) It would be getting rid of stuff I no longer need and will not use.

It would be repairing things broken, like my parlor organ, and learning to play it. It would be dedicating time (so precious!) to learn to play the ukulele. It would be finally purchasing a low-D Irish whistle, because I've fought with myself for years about buying one, and I think it's time to seriously consider it.

It would be finishing stories that need to be finished, revising stories that need to be revised, and submitting everything I've been holding back, for whatever reason.

And, dammit, setting up my lathe. I have things I want to build. It's time to stop with the excuses and build them.

It would be working towards the point where I can comfortably live on half my current salary as well. When jobs appear that are in my interest/salary range, I will continue to apply for them, but I do realize it might take time to find the right one.

I think... no, scratch that. I know this would be a great idea. But can I pull it off? Could I actually survive an entire Year of Completion?

I guess time will tell.


Grey Walker said…
I really like the idea of a Year of Completion.
Jennifer said…
The more I think about it, the more I like this idea too. I'm going to come up with some guidelines, and probably post details on Plethora... my sadly neglected blog. :)

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