Determination. Photo taken 1/5/13 in Southern Ohio.

I went for a walk in the woods today. It was a short walk; about 45 minutes of twisting and turning and bending and just plain walking (tell me that's not a workout!) but I was there, it was warm enough (although the wind is still bitingly cold), and... I wanted to smell the woods again. Despite the fact that I wasn't really dressed for it (although I did wear my hiking shoes, they aren't really insulated), I ventured into the near-silence of the woods and found myself refreshed in the end. I also brought home a pocket full of crockery and rocks from the creekbed.

Tomorrow, I'll be there again. This time, I'm going to wear my hiking boots (which are insulated) and bring a better pair of gloves. And my walking stick as well. And probably a bag for loot from the creekbed. And I'll venture farther afield this time, and emerge refreshed anew.


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