Even Chloe Bella found a spot.
The sunlight shines bright.

Sleepy and cozy.

Chair in place, bookcases in place, table needs to be cleared off.

He still (barely) fits on top of this basket!
After much tugging and pushing and pulling, the organ is in the Green Room. What was supposed to be a 1" leeway ended up less than an eighth of an inch. I didn't measure wrong; my house is just that crooked.

After that, I worked in the entry room (the Green Room is on next weekend's agenda) and the library/study. I had a thought in my head; a picture, of sorts, as to how everything was supposed to look. The loveseat, another chair over by the bookcases, the table pushed against the wall, the bookcases in the corner. One broken saucer later (my fault; the small stick bookcase tipped, and it was the one breakable thing I hadn't taken off before moving), and... it's really, honestly, and seriously all in place.

There's still a lot to clean up, and a table to clean off, and a computer to move (where I am now, at my Blue Desk, I have no room for a printer--at all. So I'm moving my computer to the dining room table, where I'll have plenty of room to set up the one I found at the rummage sale in October. And my Blue Desk can be used for writing, or for my netbook, or for whatever I want, since I like sitting here. And sometimes my computer is just in the way where it is right now.), a rug to sweep (that's going to be a process in itself), and one more corner to work on. In the Entry Room, there are two corners that need attention, and a box and stack of books to go through yet.

But seriously, this has been a great weekend, even if my sinuses aren't very happy with me right now. I feel like I got a lot accomplished, and I won't feel bad about stopping work at suppertime to watch the next episode of Downton Abbey, either.


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