Due to being sick all last week with that sinus cold, I really didn't get much done around the house at all after Monday. Since I'm still snotty (in the gross definition of the word, lol) I've been clearing up small piles here and there in the entry room and the library/study this weekend. I did manage to make soup last night, too.

But not much progress has been made. I'm OK with this; I have time, and I'd rather not work on dusty stuff while sick anyway. And perhaps I needed a weekend just to clear up small piles. In fact, after cleaning up the pile beside my computer/desk, I think I might actually be able to fit the printer here after all, which means my computer doesn't need to move, which makes me rather happy, because I like it here. And I wasn't all that keen to have it sitting on the dining room table.

That's not going to happen this weekend, I don't think, perhaps next week. We'll see. For now, I'll work on whittling down the various piles, sweeping up dust and cat hair, and generally making these two rooms look a bit more clutter-free. That will do quite nicely.


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