Joyous Labor.

A garden is a lot of work. Work I enjoy, yes, but still, it takes time. Especially if you are trying to reclaim garden beds from neglect.

Last weekend, I reclaimed the kitchen garden. This makes me very happy, because its been neglected for nearly three years! And now, it sleeps, waiting for spring. 

This weekend, I rolled the smaller hay bale down the driveway and into the garden. I pulled up all the stakes, in preparation for a thick layer of mulch. 

Next year, my goal is to honestly and seriously consider what I buy food-wise, and how much of what I buy can be frozen or canned or prepared from scratch by me. It's going to be the Year of the Garden as well as the Year of Freedom.

This evening, I managed to clean out both the fridge and its freezer, and I found stuff I didn't know I had (or had forgotten about.) but now, at least, things are a bit more organized. Sometime soon, I should clean out the big freezer down in the basement... It's on my list of things to do, at least.

Over the past two days, I've written 22 pages (and counting!) on my new story, which is a sequel to By Any Other Name. I am very pleased with it so far. 


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