The Thankful scarf progresses...

And a new scarf begins...

I've been... weaving this week. Weaving and writing, really, and haven't had much time on the computer at all. But that's not a bad thing, truthfully, because that gave me more time to do stuff around the house as well as weave and write and spin.

So I might only be online sporadically throughout the week, but we'll see how things work out. I say that, and then find that I need to be online sometimes, if only for email. (And some of that can be done via my phone.)

I've also been seriously looking at Saori weaving and Saori looms as well. Not that I'm in any position to buy one anytime soon, but... eventually, I think. That would entail some rearranging in the weaving room, however, and the Oregon Loom would be sold in that scenario. But again, that's in the future, so we'll see.


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