I was off work Thursday and Friday, and then Saturday and Sunday, of course, as well. All weekend long, I've had to remind myself what day it was. It's a bit annoying, really, that I couldn't seem to remember! Friday felt like Saturday; yesterday felt like Sunday, and now today, I'm sitting here, reminding myself that it's really and truly Sunday, and that I have to go back to work tomorrow. :(

Oh well.

I have a lot to do today, including laundry and baking bread for next week, but I'm thankful that I also have lots of leftovers still, that should stretch pretty far into next week for lunches and suppers as well! I have weaving to do, a loom to warp (hopefully) and more of the current story of A Glint of Silver to write. It's going well. I think (cautiously), that I am back on track.

I also have taking out the garbage on my list, as well as finishing up the dishes; I'm slowly working in the kitchen to get it back into shape as well.

If I manage to take some photos, there will be ebay auctions too; I have too much stuff around here that needs to be sold to store until April when Burlington starts up again. So that will hopefully happen as well.

But mostly? I'm intending to enjoy my last day off of the weekend, and prepare myself for the week ahead.


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