The Last Burlington!

The last Burlington of the year was today, and it was a bit of a frosty beginning! But it turned into a nice day, if cool. 

I did make a few purchases, but the only large item was a folding metal rack that will be very useful since my dryer went out again. Other purchases included a personal-sized (one cup) cast iron teapot, a green marble mortar and pestle, two Pyrex yellow mixing bowls, and a red velvet robe type thingie I couldn't pass up. 

I sold almost all of what I brought new, including two quilts, which was very nice! 

And now I'm home, exhausted, and planning to go to bed early because I unfortunately did not take tomorrow off as usual. I decided that since I was off all last week, I didn't need to take tomorrow off, and I am already regretting that decision. :-(

Burlington is over for the year, however. The stuff I have left will be sorted and gone through, and most of it won't be going back to Burlington next year.


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