This Week

So my goals for this week were mostly inside--I wanted to make a good dent in the Junk Room, decide what to do about the Big Green Loom, set up my sewing room, move weaving supplies downstairs, and generally make the house more presentable and less filled with cat hair dust bunnies.

So far, so good.

I've decided that I'm not ready to attempt to use the Big Green Loom just yet. And I've decided that it can stay upstairs in the sewing room. To bring it downstairs would take up a lot of floor space in the former living room, which would make it difficult to direct warp my small floor loom and the rigid heddle looms. At the moment, I have it set up that I can easily direct warp all three of the looms that live downstairs.

The sewing machines are upstairs in the former weaving studio room; it will now be the sewing room. :) I sorted through a mountain of clothing-for-fabric and most of it got put away into a chest of drawers from the Junk Room that was not being used. That freed up more space in the Junk Room, as well.

The Junk Room is coming along; there are three contractor bags of garbage so far, with more to come. My goal is to be able to take down the twin bed that has been sitting in that room since Bekah and Ethan moved out. I'm almost there.

The Junk Room will become the project/Junk Room. Ebay stuff or yardsale stuff or Burlington stuff will be stored there. So will stuff for the craft show; the bins will fit just fine. I plan to clear out a lot of it, however, via yard sales next year; I have chairs that need to go, along with a bunch of other stuff as well.

My bedroom is also on the list for this week, but that is mostly just putting away and sorting through clothing, so that's on the list for tomorrow.

The former craft room, aka the Pink Bedroom, will become the upstairs library, all fiction. I'm planning to go through my fiction books when I get to that point, and only keep the ones I intend to reread. My TV will also go into that room once things are set up. Since I only actually watch it once or twice a year, that will work well to get it out of the way. Extra fabric will also be stored in that room, because it won't all fit in the sewing room at all. Right now, I'm sorting clothing-for-fabric by fiber content, which seems to be working well enough.

The Great Wheel has moved into the Green Room, which also needs a bit more cleaning (in progress) and I think it will work better there. That leaves Gloriana, my CPW, in the weaving room (former living room) and Sophia and Lily in here, which works out fine.

Slowly but surely, this house is coming into shape.


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