40 Bags in 40 Days

I saw a link to this on Facebook last night (if you google, you'll come up with the originator, since I'm typing this on my phone, linking's not always easy.) 

Basically, the idea is that you remove 40 bags in 40 days starting tomorrow, March 5th, through April 18th, a concentrated decluttering effort.  Bags could be defined as anything you'd like, even singular items. 

This works well for me, because I have a large stack of stuff to put on eBay, and the first Burlington within that timeline as well! So I will be participating. 

Since this winter has been so snowy and nasty, I haven't posted any auctions on eBay, which I really need to do so I can pay off the remaining credit card and personal debt and move forward with all of this. So, onward!


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