It's time, I think, to use less cans. I've been buying canned beans for years, and only occasionally cooking dried beans, but in truth, that's laziness more than convenience. 

The majority of my garbage is cans. 

Dried beans can last for years without issue, and I have multiple ways to cook them. I can even cook more than I need and freeze the remainders. Also, since they usually come in bags, there's less waste. 

This year, once the Endless Winter ends and I can start thinking about my garden, I will also work towards lessening my reliance on canned diced tomatoes. I may still buy tomato paste, since its kind of a pain to make, but maybe not. We'll see. 

But right now, I'll be concentrating on beans. 


Grey Walker said…
Hmm. Hmmmm, I say!

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