Internet, Internet and Auctions

So, right. Last weekend, I wanted to post auctions, since I am off work this week. I figured if I did that, I would have plenty of time to pack things and take them to the post office without having to rush. I'm actually planning to do this before every vacation I take during the year, and try to hold off on ebay auctions until those times.

But, what should have taken me a couple of hours at the most took me ALL DAY SUNDAY to accomplish, and that wasn't even all of them. I posted some Saturday night, with intermittent mobile internet issues, and then on Sunday, well, that was kind of the last straw.

AT&T, in their infinite wisdom, closes off my 'speed' when my data use is nearing the limit. It makes no difference to them that I would have been perfectly OK to pay extra for another gigabyte of data, or, even more annoyingly, that I paid for 5GB of data, and I'm darn well entitled to use it. They call it a 'bandwidth' issue. I think they are lying, and that they do this to everyone.

So basically, on Sunday, it took me all day (on and off) to post auctions. Which was ridiculous. So I decided that since I had just freed up $175/month by paying off a credit card, I couldn't say that I couldn't afford to have home internet again. So I called Frontier, and had it turned back on.

I don't see this changing my internet usage all that much, however. There are things I can only do with my desktop computer (programs that are only on this computer) and things that I can do with my mobile hotspot. But the cons of mobile-only outweighed the pros, at least for now. And since I don't have a contract, I can always cancel it if I find I'm not using it, or if I find I'm using it too much for comfort.

And the auctions? Well, after major waffling, I posted my small floor loom on ebay last Sunday. While I really like the look of the loom, I really don't care to use it, and warping it is a pain in my back, basically. With the BGL, at least, I can take off the beater and stand inside it to warp it; I can't do that with the small floor loom. So there she sat, unused, stuck in a corner... but I had major second thoughts about posting her. And then... at the last minute, she sold. And I find myself surprised, but also pleased, because I really think I'm a one floor loom weaver.

The second big ticket item was the cast iron cigar press that I dug out of the Craft Room when I started cleaning it up in October. I'd taken it to Burlington, but no one bought it. It sold on ebay for $193.50, which was phenomenal! And I'm really happy I decided to finally post it.

The third was a pretty Birdseye Maple and some other exotic wood boat shuttle.

The rest of the auctions haven't ended yet, but I'm almost halfway to my goal to pay off the very last credit card. And I'm actually surprised that I've made it this far with the auctions! We'll see how close I get. :)


Grey Walker said…
I've been watching your auctions, rooting for you. :)
Jennifer said…
Thank you! :)

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