So 2015 is over and done with!

2015 was the year I spent money on my house, or so it seemed. A new water heater, a new kitchen furnace, and work on my boiler as well. I also acquired two new nephews! It has been fun watching them grow. :)

2015 started out with some difficulty, with the three weeks of winter in February, and having to turn down my heat to 55F when it was minus whatever outside. But the new kitchen furnace should really help or eliminate the problems I ran into last year, even though it cost a lot of money to install. In 2015, I also paid off my credit cards, which had been a huge goal for the past few years.

I acquired more than I really needed to acquire in 2015. I'll be working on that in 2016. I'll also be working on some of organizations tips I've come across, mostly for my crafting supplies. I hope to be crafting more in 2016, as well.

My only real goals for 2016 are pretty basic ones. I want to continue to utilize my exercise bike--5 miles a day during the week, 10 miles a day on the weekends/days I'm not at work. This has worked out well for me. I have my exercise bike set up in a permanent location, and I watch part of an episode of whatever I'm currently watching as I do my daily miles. Since I have very sedentary pursuits, along with the day job, I need something to combat that. So far, so good.

I want to save money. I have a goal, and a plan to achieve that goal. It's not an impossible goal, but it will take a bit of discipline to accomplish.

I would like to continue to work through my possessions and have a place for everything I do/everything I want to keep/everything I need to do what I love. I have a goal and a plan for that as well. I'm participating in the January Cure this year, and I'm also working through a couple of books I've found helpful.

I also want to realistically decide on what I can and cannot accomplish. I can't DO ALL THE THINGS. I have a day job. And a house. And I write books. And sometimes knit and crochet and weave. There are things I've kept that I keep intending to use or do or start that never get used or done or started, because I honestly don't have time or the inclination to start them. I honestly and realistically need to decide what to do with these things, and I need to get rid of whatever I realistically won't be able to accomplish in the next couple of years. (Or honestly admit the desire to do whatever-it-is has faded.)



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