I am bidding on a serger on ebay--I think it's about time I get one. It is over in about 5 minutes, so I am sitting here without all that much to do. We'll see if I win. If I don't, there are a million other comparable ones on ebay anyway, so it's not like I won't get one eventually! Edit: I got outbid on this one. Oh well!

(I decided that it would be much better to have a serger before I attempted to make my frock coat.)

I am also contemplating making pizza for supper tonight--if I want to heat up the kitchen, since it's hot again. Today's supposed to be the last day for this, at least this time. We'll see if fall sticks around for good after tomorrow. Grrrr. There is a reason why I don't live in a hot climate!

But honestly, I haven't had to turn on my air conditioning since the end of August, so I did manage to survive just fine without it, even with the humidity up. If I could just figure out a way to manage those days when the humidity is too high to function, I wouldn't need air conditioning at all! In fact, if this breeze keeps up, it will be gorgeous tomorrow. (I am praying for rain, though, because we desperately need it. And even with rain, it's only supposed to be 79 tomorrow, which will mean tomorrow night will equal heaven.


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