I've been working on the cast of characters for my website revamp, and I've also been wondering how to post it. Should each character get a page? That would be a lot of pages, after all.

And then I realized that I have the Heart's Desire blog that needs an index of chapters--could I post the cast of characters there? With an index, it wouldn't matter if it was a blog, after all. And comments could be posted, etc. The format's already in place.

Or should I create another blog just for the cast of characters? This seems like it would be the easiest way to do the entire thing, which will be very, very, very long and involved.

In other news, I got the Waterman Phileas fountain pen in the mail today, along with the Parker Reflex refills (ballpoint) and the Parker Reflex fountain pens.

The refills I got were fine point, and oh, instant love. I forgot how much I liked using that pen.

The Parker Reflex fountain pens are also nice to use and very smooth. I wish I had seen these in the stores when I bought fountain pens from stores, because I would have snapped them up.

The Waterman Phileas? Well, I now know why people like Waterman so much. Lovely, lovely pen to write with. I'll write more about all the pens later.

EDIT: Oh, what the heck. A blog seems to be the simplest way to do this without creating a bunch of webpages and having to go through a lot of trouble. So a blog it will be, with an index from my website. That will work. The Beth-Hill blog will be here: http://www.beth-hillseries.blogspot.com


Grey said…
I think the blog is a good idea!

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