Today I decided to clean up the music room from Christmas and the craft shows; I had stuff piled up and I really wanted that room to stay organized. So I spent an hour and a half in there (not just cleaning, mind you; I had to play Morgan a bit while I was there) and decided to go ahead and move my display quilts into the music room beside the china cabinet. The rack I have them on covers up the closet door that never should have been a closet door (it's actually a porch door with panes of glass; not conductive to a closet) and makes the room look quite nice if you don't mind the wallpaper. (I didn't want to put my nice embroidered crazy quilt in the living room because Certain Kitties still attempt to climb up my quilts despite my efforts to dissuade them. So moving the quilts solves the problem.)

That meant I had to rearrange the living room a bit, which I did, by moving my weaving table and my rocking chair over to where the quilts were, and moving my papasan chair over to the other side. This works, because the spaces in question are about the same size.

I have one spare chair in the music room, which will end up at Burlington, and I also have other stuff either for the yard sales or Burlington as well. I am trying to make these rooms easy to clean (meaning, not much underneath things so I can sweep easily) and I finally found a place for Esme's case--on top of the china cabinet. (Esme is the big harp.) Morgan's case is small enough to fit under the end of the table.

So, onward. I have some stuff to carry upstairs from the music room, and I'd really like to get the music room, hallway, and living room tidied up and organized by the end of the day. We'll see.


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