Started writing the beginning of Detour, the next Karen Montgomery story this morning. It's not promising to run off with my brain, so I'll take it slow. I'm in no rush, after all, and I really want to keep the housecleaning a priority.

I took some pictures last night of the progress in the living room, but they didn't turn out very well, so I took additional pictures this morning:

This really hasn't changed all that much; the rearranging was on the other side of the room. but you can see part of the rag rug on the floor where the other rug once was; it really doesn't look that bad. (There are three cats in this picture: Pooh, Chloe, and Basil.)

I swapped my weaving table and rocking chair with my papasan chair; the quilts were once here on the wall and are now in the dining room, looking pretty and safe from claws. This should work well for a weaving station for my smaller looms. (There is one cat in this picture: Cameron (I think.)

Here is the major difference; my papasan chair fits perfectly here where my weaving table was before. The bench is for drinks and/or books and such; I may not leave it there, although it doesn't look too bad there, either. You can see a portion of the rug here too. The nice thing about this setup? Easy to clean, which was the whole point.

(The yellow dress hanging up in front of the pocket door was a dress I wore to a wedding when I was probably two or three. My Mom made it, and I've had it in a bag for years. I decided to hang it up a little while ago, and now it matches with the afghan over the chair and the quilt that you can't see very well in the picture.)

(There are no cats in the last picture as far as I can tell!)


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