I spent all day cleaning the living room, putting up the bed for my new 'couch', carrying project spinning wheels upstairs into the spare room, and generally ignoring the fact that there's a craft show Friday and Saturday. If my weather theory holds, it's not going to be busy anyway, so it won't matter. We'll see, though.

So anyway, here's my new couch, my new wheel, the other wheels that are staying downstairs, which include a couple of projects who won't be staying, and my nice clean living room:

from the left side--Gloriana (CPW), Julius (Columbine), The Princess (small castle wheel), Sofia (marked JJG Green Norwegian Wheel), my Haldane, Marielle (CPW, formerly known as Bucket), My Precious (on the table by the yarnwinder), Amelia (Great Wheel), Tess (T. Millard Saxony.)

And here's a picture without the flash, just because I liked it:


Grey Walker said…
I love the way this room looks! I'd say it has a steampunk feel, with all the spoked wheels. But it's not mechanical at all. It's all wood and fiber.

Like rural fantasy rather than urban fantasy.

What's the wood/fiber alternative to steampunk?
Jennifer said…
Well, rural fantasy is appropriate. :)

Hmm, great question! What would be the wood/fiber alternative to steampunk? HMM! Now you have me thinking.

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