So I returned victorious, after a lovely visit with friends, a lovely drive across Pennsylvania, with my equally lovely wheel. I had a great time. The drive home was a bit long, but I stopped at the 76 Antique Mall in Ravenna and worked out some kinks after I got to Ohio. (I didn't bring home any additional wheels, although I would have if the Great Wheel's wheel would have fit in my car. Alas.)

And promptly stayed up really late last night, and promptly wrote all day today. Like, literally all day today.

But that's okay, because I intended to have one just-writing day anyway. And it brought my total wordcount up to 15,217 words, which is fabulous... because I've only been writing this for six days.

And I wrote less than 500 words Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. So, technically, I've written about 15,000 words in three days. Whew!


Grey Walker said…
Ravenna! I just wrote several pages about a woman named Ravenna. :)
Jennifer said…
I am not surprised. :)

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