The last craft show of the season (for me, at least) was yesterday, and it was... okay. Not great, but okay. I'm going to have to rethink my crafts again, because there are too many people with similar items. This happens periodically, so it's not a bad thing to figure out something new.

Today has been fabulous weather-wise, but I've been inside, writing and working on the CPW (Canadian Production Wheel) I am fixing for a friend. This wheel came to me without anything on the other side of her table--no mother-of-all, no cast iron bits, no nothing. In the auction listing, she had a bucket stuck there, which is quite a terrible embarrassment for such a nice spinning wheel.

After a lot of fiddling, some swearing, and even more patience, she is spinning now, although still throwing the drive band periodically. I'm still trying to work that last kink out before declaring her done and polishing her up. We've almost spun four ounces of pretty rainbow-colored wool today.

I am still writing my storydream, although it's going slow. I'm trying to figure out how my characters can avert the apocalypse when just being alive (for one character) is illegal and carries an automatic death sentence, not to mention imprisonment to anyone who might help him. That kind of stacks the decks against them. Quite a bit, in fact. So much so that I'm having trouble figuring out if they can do anything at all. We'll see. I've pretty much given up on NaNoWriMo at this point.

Thanksgiving is this week! I am making bread, of course. Haven't decided what kind of bread yet, however.


Grey Walker said…
Yeah, I've basically given up NaNo, too. I got stuck on a plot point, and brain refused to budge.

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