So I've been busy this week; sorry for the lack of posts. I mowed the grass (all of it!) and started taking down a few more volunteer trees. The nice thing about having a steady source of branches and small trunks is that I can whittle to my heart's content; and I'm going to make another phang or two this weekend, I think.

This morning, it was decided (not by me) that I should be awake by dawn, so I sat and wrote six pages with the new pen I got yesterday--a Pelikan Pelikano Junior. They are billed towards kids, but honestly, they write like the disposable Pilot Varsity pens (meaning: very well) and they're cute, too. Since I've been hesitating to buy the disposable fountain pens, this is especially nice, because I really liked how the Pilot pens wrote. Now I don't have to buy any additional ones.

I will admit to purchasing some ink, as well... in green. I decided I needed some brighter colors in my ink palette. (Right now, I have green, Concord Grape, black, and brown. I also ordered a blue.)

I finished plying my art yarn:

I'll leave it on the spindles for a little bit and then wind it off and see how much I have. I still have an entire batt plus the rest of the first one to spin; I'll probably ply that one with a different color.

I also purchased a couple of spindles. One was an order, from Lisa at Grippingyarn (below.) Above is a new-to-me maker on Etsy, DogFarmFiberArts. I've been wanting to try a phang from this maker for a while now, and when I saw this lovely cedar phang, I jumped. And I'm glad I did, because it's quite fabulous. In fact, I'm thinking about bringing it to Burlington tomorrow.

Oliver says, "What? I'm not doing anything wrong!" (Yet.)

This was really Spindle Week, because the Enid Ashcroft Tibetan I'd purchased a few weeks ago also came in the mail. (Also from Etsy.) It's a great spindle too, you can see it in the picture above with my Grippingyarn phang. The phang was an order--it's made from Moabi, and Lisa decorated it and also tweaked the design a bit. I really love this spindle. It's almost... lethal. :)

Today I have to gather up somethings for Burlington, and also finish up the repair on the painted spinning wheel, which is coming with us to Burlington. If it doesn't sell there (crosses fingers it does) then it will go on Ebay. I have bread to bake and dishes to do, and I really need to work out in the garden as well. I will be making slow roasted tomatoes again too, because I have a bunch more cherry tomatoes. And I'd like to write more as well.

So, a busy day/weekend. But stuff that I enjoy (mostly), so it's not all work. :)

The weather is gorgeous, and looks to remain gorgeous all through next week. I am so happy about that; the humidity and heat is the one thing I hate about summer. That and the mosquitoes, but at least we've found a way around them.


Grey Walker said…
Those are beautiful spindles!

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