Yesterday, I plied yarn--six skeins' worth of yarn. Two were quite large. I'm not sure how much yardage I have, because I actually have it soaking now to finish it too! Amazing.

Today, I am making slow-roasted tomatoes. I'm also going to wind a plying ball with my art yarn; I found a single to ply it with, so we'll see how electric blue with white silk 'clouds' look with the Purple Madness I already have. I think it's going to end up a cowl or maybe even a shawl. We'll see.

That will also be plied on spindles.

I made stir-fry with greens from the garden (malabar spinach, kale, swiss chard), a turnip from the garden, rice, and cut-up pork chops yesterday. I have enough of that left to eat for supper or lunch @ work, so that will be nice.

It rained this morning, starting around 3:30am. It's sunny now, and ungodly humid, but at least it rained!

After the rain, I visited with Mom and Dad a bit and brought home a whole bag of goodies--a loaf of bread, Lavender Lime soap, plums, a fresh-picked mango, tomatoes, and fudge! Yum.

Also, two day weekends are not long enough for me.


Grey Walker said…
I have my vote in for a five-day weekend.
Jennifer said…
That sounds like a great idea. I'd even be OK with a four-day weekend/three day workweek. That's enough! :)

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