So yesterday was Burlington, and it did not start out to be a good day at all. (Very slow at first!) This was a bit surprising, because the weather was gorgeously cool! I was actually a little cold in the morning, while wearing a flannel shirt, even.

But then it picked up and I sold a bunch of stuff, even the two project spinning wheels I brought with me. I'd decided to bring the black 1820 wheel, but then my drill's battery went dead, and I didn't have time to finish it up before the battery charged (I really need to check that battery now, since it's still plugged in.) So I decided to bring two project wheels I will never get around to fixing. One because the flyer is far too small for me to ever find on ebay (and too expensive to get made new) and the other because... well... here's the thing. I like spinning. I like spinning wheels. I'll buy local wheels if they are reasonable enough, and I will fix them up (to a point) and resell them.

I honestly can't imagine buying another wheel to keep, unless it's a complete Bisson wheel (like Eliza, only with an original wheel and not a replacement.) But I'm not going to go out of my way to find one. (Okay, the other "dream" wheel would be a cast iron wheel. Since the odds of that are hilariously low to non-existent, I think I'm pretty safe.)

But I am not going to have the space to have a stack of projects sitting there for what could be months or even years. The two wheels I sold were purchased in June of 2010 and June of 2011. I'd stored them for that long. It was time for them to move on.

There are yard sales in September, and most of the rest of the project wheels will be taken to the yard sales. I need to move a lot of stuff out of here or else I'll never get my weaving and sewing stuff organized the way I want them to be organized.

I either have time for project wheels or time to complete actual weaving/sewing/spinning.

That said, after selling the two wheels, I felt a lot better, and I sold a bit of other stuff as well, which is very nice!

And I bought some stuff, too, of course.

Not counting the obligatory curious kitten, the book, or the placemat, here is what I bought at Burlington. A lot of this stuff will be used for spindles, really. Most of it cost $2 or less, which was really nice.

--DPNs for teacup spindles, plus a few metal crochet hooks suitable for spindles, yay! (some from the free bin, others were $1/group of 4.)
--four teeny pressed glass cups for use as spindle bowls. ($2/each, 3 for $5)
--one sake cup for a spindle bowl. ($2/each, 3 for $5)
--small stoneware bowl (I’m keeping that one.) ($2)
--Two small stoneware crocks. ($4/each)
--Two matching stoneware teacups. ($2/each, 3 for $5 (same booth as the others)
--A very heavy (but small) mirror! ($5)
--An ironstone platter. ($2)
--A shallow basket. ($2)
--postcards, a few letters, and a couple of photos. ($1/each for the postcards; 2/$1 for the photos)
--A small green teapot. ($2/each, 3 for $5)
--A very small cloisonne vessel. ($2/each, 3 for $5)
--A miniature wooden book. ($2)

I also enjoyed (of course) a wood-fired pizza for breakfast and lunch. The other food vendor wasn't there yesterday, so it was a bit slim pickins for anyone who didn't want pizza or hot dogs/hamburgers. 


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