All That I Need.

a pen and some paper, a story to write;
a quiet place to sleep for the night.
enough food to eat, enough clothes to wear
if I have all of this, I'll have nary a care.

My needs are few, my wants are just that;
a good walking stick and a practical hat.
A place to roam and a place to sit still;
Trees and a meadow; flat land and a hill.

A favorite book and a hot cup of tea;
A call from a friend who's important to me.
The laugh of a child; in merry delight,
A hug and a kiss to keep me warm for the night.

A garden of sorts, to grow my own grub;
That is all that I need, and that's just the rub.
We live in a world where wants rule the day
And we work for our living without much of a say.

Our dreams crumble; our imaginations don't soar;
What was once a beginning becomes a closed door.
When's the last time you stopped? The last time you stared?
When's the last time you laughed or the last time you cared?

A pen, and some paper, a notebook, a story;
A writer by trade, I need nothing of glory.
The words that I write are all of my own;
a dream that I've nurtured since before I was grown.

I need no big house; I need no cutting-edge;
software or hardware, just a blueberry hedge.
A place to be me without any untruth;
A cat to sit by me; no holes in my roof.

No high-paying job, no important position,
Just a pair of good boots and a hard-working kitchen.
Some fiber to spin and a place to buy seed--
Wants aren't as important when you have all that you need.

--copyright 2012 Jennifer St. Clair


Grey Walker said…
This is wonderful.

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