I am on Chapter 39 of 47 (although that last chapter is rather short) in Scarecrows. Typing it in isn't a hardship, except on my hands and fingers--that much straight typing seems not to agree with them, so I'm only doing a chapter at a time when I sit down to type.

I imagine that typing in A Glint of Silver will become one of my Winter Projects, since there's much more to type in with that story.

Today, I am gathering stuff up for two things: auctions on ebay and the rummage sale. The rummage sale stuff will be leaving Monday evening, so I'll stack it in the entry room until then. The stuff for ebay--I'm aiming for ten auctions this evening, so we'll see how that goes. Including the 1820 painted spinning wheel. I need to raise money for my kitchen roof, so ebay it is.

And I will be spinning and weaving this weekend, too, of course. I'd like to finish the Thankful Scarf, but it's going to be rather long, so we'll see about that. Spinning-wise, I should start another plying project (I only have one large, two medium, and two small cakes left for plying! Yay!) and straighten up my desk a bit as well. I may post a small selection of spindles on Etsy, too--I have eight or so teacup spindles made, so they need to be posted. And I also need to mow the grass, if it's dry enough to do so later.

All in all, a busy weekend even though I'm not leaving the house for much of everything. Hopefully it will be productive as well as busy.


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