Well… I was on my way to the office this morning. We had an area-wide meeting, so we were all meeting at the old office and driving up together. So I was driving down a road I’ve driven down a million or so times; that I know like the back of my hand. It was raining. It had been raining on and off all night long.

This is a very twisty road. Now, I know these twists. There are also many drop-offs and ditches. The speed limit is 55mph, but I never go that fast on this road; I was probably going 40-45 this morning.

I hit curve #3, put on my brakes to slow down a bit around the curb, and my car spun out of control. All I could do was hold onto the steering wheel and let loose a couple of choice curses and hit the brakes when I could manage to do so. (Actually, my foot was on the brake pedal the whole time; I didn’t have time to do anything, really, just go with it.) It was either slick with oil or maybe even wet leaves; I’m not sure, but the road was very slippery there.

Thankfully, (and I have a lot to be thankful for today) there was no one in the other lane, because that’s where my car stopped--facing the correct way, even. Thankfully, the guy behind me wasn’t tailgating or following too closely. My car spun around in a circle on a curve and I didn’t ever leave the road. I did not end up in a ditch. I did not hit anyone. I am fine. My car is fine too.

I am fine, but I also realize what almost happened, and I am thankful that it did not happen. But it also made me realize that things could change quite drastically in an instant; that if something else had happened, I might not be writing this right now. (It’s that writerbrain at work, here.) It also made me realize that my excuse of “I don’t have enough time to do ___________” just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Some of you know about my financial woes--credit card debt--and how I’ve been trying to pay them all off (with a vengeance.) And how when my office moved and I had to spend so much money out of pocket to work there, my financial goals kind of crumbled, and I’ve been slowly building them back up.

On my way home tonight, one credit card called to arrange the last payment for this particular account. I am thankful I was here to receive that call and arrange that last payment.

I am thankful I was able to call my Mom this morning (she told Dad) and tell her I was OK. 

When I arrived home, I had two packages waiting for me--my Contingency spindles, and a package with a trade--including two spindles (yes, I got four spindles in one day!) and I am thankful I was here to open those packages and see the lovely spindles. (I now officially have too many spindles, but it’s a nice feeling, so I’m not complaining.)

I am so thankful, in fact, that I am going to warp Junior (my rigid heddle loom) tonight and quit putting off the scarf I want to weave with the lovely yarn Stitchpunk RAK’d me alone with some of my handspun. I think I need to warp the loom this evening, if that makes sense. I enjoy weaving, but I haven’t woven anything in months because “I don’t have time.” Well, if things had happened differently this morning, I might never have had time. So I’m making time; tonight, at least for that. And I will not forget this anytime soon.


Grey Walker said…
Yes! Live every minute of your wonderful life.

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