I placed the second half of my seed order last night--herbs and flowers--and I'm just about finished for the year. Lots of flowers this year; I have a specific plan to bring more bees into my garden, along with butterflies and suchlike. Not that they don't come anyway, with the apple mint, but I'm giving them some incentive. And anyway, flowers are pretty! :)

I have adopted a bunny named Hazel from my sister, so he will be my bunny poop compost creator from now on. He's sweet--a New Zealand black--and he's nice and big and healthy. I'm sure I'll post pictures as time goes on.

The kittens are happy that I've been opening the windows when the weather is nice enough, and so are the other cats. One evening last week I had four of them pressed up against the screen both watching and listening to the Dusk Chorus. It was quite amusing.

I have a nice long list of things to do this weekend, most of which are outside. I'm also planning to hang out some of my laundry--I don't have room for everything, but at least the sheets and quilts and towels, since it's going to be close to 70F today.

It's spring! The forsythia is starting to bloom, the rest of the daffodils are blooming, and even the grass is getting greener... I'll be mowing soon enough. That's the only part I don't enjoy...


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