Bybee brown teapot (and a portion of my dragon plate)

So the first Burlington was yesterday, and I'm still tired.

It was a busy day, but not a very profitable day, although we sold a lot of little stuff--and some of it had been carted around all last year, so I wasn't sad to see it go at all. There was a great crowd, the wood-fired pizza was back (yay!) and while I spent my profit, I still came home with money, so that's good. :)

The first thing I bought was a pitchfork, because the one I use to spread mulch around has a slightly bent handle, which means it curves when I use it and it gets awkward. I went there knowing I'd find a pitchfork, and I did, without trouble. For $12, too, which was very nice.

The second thing I bought was a bunch of drawer pulls, mostly to use for spindles. They were $6.

The third thing I bought was a teapot. I'd actually seen it last year, and inquired about it, because I really liked how it looked. I don't remember what the price was last year, but it was $30 this year, and I bought it for $25. It's a Bybee teapot, in brown. Bybee is a local-ish Kentucky pottery, and I have a few other pieces of Bybee, although I was not aware of the brown color at all. I will get a picture of it here soon... it's really nice! (See above!)

The fourth thing was a total accident; I was on the phone with my sister, and walking along looking at one of the nearby booths just as everyone was packing up, and I spied a really nice (seemingly unused) Olivetti typewriter, probably from the late 60s-early 70s. For $20, so it came home with me. After we got home, Dad reminded me that he had another typewriter for me to look at, a green Royal typewriter, probably from the same era, and I brought that one home for $10. So... yeah. Two typewriters in one day.

Otherwise, it was an exhausting day. It was really cold in the morning, and it barely warmed up by noon. You were OK if you were in the sunlight, but in the shade, it was freezing. I was so glad I brought my winter coat and scarf and hat and wore a sweater... otherwise, I would have frozen.

There's a reason why I bought typewriters... more on that later. Right now, I need to get moving a bit and take my vitamins and try to wake up, since I've been awake (more or less) since dawn, but I didn't actually want to get up that early on my day off. Especially after Burlington!


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