So May is shaping up to be busy, weekend-wise...

May 3rd & 4th are the townwide yard sales.

May 11th is BAMfest in Bethel. I am not setting up as an "Artist" this year (still annoyed about last year's debacle), but I'm helping Dad out with the antique booth, so I will have antiques and collectibles.

May 19th is the second Burlington. (The first Burlington is April 21st.)

So that means my free weekends are few and far between. In fact, I won't have a completely free weekend until April 27th & 28th.

And that means in order to gather stuff up for the yard sales, especially the stuff in the Junk Room (which is mostly yard sale stuff), I will really need to limit my computer time. So I will not be around very often at all, because I really do want to get that room cleaned out. That's going to be my priority, along with the garden, the yard, and everything else.

But June is looking a bit less busy, at least right now!


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