So doing laundry without a dryer means that on the weekends, the first thing I do is a load of laundry. I try to divvy the clothing up a bit, because I only have two drying racks at the moment, so I do one load on Saturday morning and one on Sunday. When the weather is warmer, that would change, because I could then hang everything outside.

But it's interesting. A small exercise in patience. I'll eventually get behind my dryer to clean out/replace the hose (which is why I believe it's overheating and blowing a fuse), but if that doesn't work, then my time line drying clothes will be longer. And I'm not sure I mind, really. I even washed and dried my winter quilt last weekend, hanging it outside and then over the Big Green Loom to dry overnight.

It occurred to me that I haven't been talking about writing much. I find it interesting that when I don't write on the computer, but handwrite my stories, I tend not to mention them much online at all. It's like that part of me has really been removed from the electronic world. Wordcounts, etc., cannot be easily created, although I'm averaging about four pages a day, so that's not bad. It's progressing, and progressing well. I can't complain. I like the simplicity of a notebook and paper much more than a computer and keyboard (and word processing program, etc., etc.) Yes, there's extra work typing it in when I am ready to submit it, but that's also something I don't necessarily mind doing. It gets me back into the story again. I've found that I find mistakes and continuity problems a lot more often now that I'm essentially "writing" each story twice.

There's a special something about opening a notebook and uncapping a fountain pen and picking up where I left off the night or day before. I find myself much less distracted writing by hand, and much more in touch with the story I'm writing, if that makes sense. I feel no desire to go back to exclusively writing via computer as I did before.

That said, I did complete the edits for Scarecrows yesterday. That means Transformation, Secrets When in Shadow Lie, and Scarecrows are all in the pipeline for publication. (I'm not sure which one will be out first.) I have seen covers for all three of them, and they are great. I'm looking forward to having three more books out. Hopefully, they will all come out this year, but we'll see.

I've also been spinning, because when am I not, really? I'm going to take a break on the one olive wool that I have a pound of; I'm getting a little tired of it. I'm finishing up some lovely alpaca/silk, and also spinning some blue Shetland. My spindles are getting a bit full, however, so I see a Great Wind-Off and plying ball creation in my near future. And then, more scarves and shawls, I think. We'll see what I come up with.


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